My Cells Made Me Do It:
The Case for Cellular Determinism

"My Cells Made Me Do It"

 Human behavior is a matter of cellular responses to environmental stimuli. Everyday new science reveals our actions are more controlled by our subconscious, than our conscious, mind. Free-will is an illusion. My book examines this phenomenon and explores the many studies supporting the idea that we are not as in control of our actions as we may think .
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"Why do people do what they do?  This wonderful book explains the science and shows why it matters.  We are our cells and this book helps explain the diversity of the human experience by starting with the cell." Paul J. Zak, author, The Moral Molecule.
2016 Best Book Awards
Science category

About the author

Robin Hayes is a Professor of microbiology at Hartnell College in Salinas California.  He has more than 25 years as a researcher, analyst and educator.
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